Advisory Board and Governance


Boston University Board of Trustees is the official governing body of Boston University Academy. BU’s Board of Trustees provides oversight of and has fiduciary responsibility for the University’s academic, 金融, and business affairs. Oversight of bbin娱乐平台 is consistent with all of BU’s schools and colleges. bbin娱乐平台’s 校长 reports directly to the Provost and Chief Academic Officer of Boston University.

bbin娱乐平台 校长 Advisory Board

bbin娱乐平台 校长 Advisory Board is a group composed of current parents, 校友, 过去的父母, and experts from beyond the school community. 的 purview of the Advisory Board is to provide advice and counsel to the 校长. 的 group does not have governance roles or responsibilities. Members foster community engagement, provide philanthropic leadership, discuss strategic priorities, and help represent bbin娱乐平台 within the larger university environment. Members are selected by the 校长 in consultation with the chair(s) of the Advisory Board. 的 bbin娱乐平台 校长 Advisory Board is sanctioned by the Provost of Boston University, as are each of BU’s advisory boards.* For more information, please contact Margo Cox, director of development.

  • Paul Bernard P’24
  • 大卫·查德,Dean, Boston University Wheelock College of Education & Human Development
  • Joanna Davidson P’24, Associate Director, Boston University Kilachand Honors College
  • 彼得·费雪,26岁
  • Amie Grills P’27, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs, Boston University
  • Graham Healy-Day ’07
  • Katie Kozin, 2000年
  • Will Leuchtenberger ’07
  • Ray Liu P’23, P’25
  • Alice Owolabi Mitchell P’24
  • 鲍勃·马尔罗伊,24岁, 联合主席
  • John Quackenbush P’24
  • Elizabeth Saltonstall P’22
  • Abigail Walsh ’04, 联合主席
  • Cristy Walsh P’22

*Boston University’s Deans’ Advisory Boards are small groups of 校友 and friends selected to offer the deans of the University’s schools and colleges input and guidance on choosing future directions, facing complex challenges, setting priorities, and garnering the additional resources necessary to maintain and enhance the University’s excellence. Members act as sounding boards and expert advisors in their individual fields.